Clients Testimonials


What Clients Say?

the green and turf are better than I ever expected. Your ideas for the design were great.

John L

my yard has been transformed into a great golf course. It is perfect….

Jane H

everyone can’t believe how good my green is… and how much better a putter I am….

Frank K

it took me a year and many hassles with the HOA but it is better than anyone ever thought.

Louis S

You were the only one who would build this green. My yard was a mess. It is better than I ever expected.

Dan. S.

I have putted on them all and Putter’s Edge is the only one I have in my facility to test and fit the PGA/LPGA pros that come here.

Bobby Grace

This field is great and very safe…

US Soccer Coach

Amazing! It turned my porch in to a garden.

Rick P

Our customers love the new T-Line.

Steve M.

My girls love to do gymnastics on the athletic turf.

Leah K.

You guys build great greens and exactly the way you promised.